Cabella Roberto

Professore Associato, GEO/09 - Georis. Min. e Appl. Mineral. Petrogr.
+39 010 353 8316
piano terra Palazzo delle Scienze ( Europa) st. T-1
Curriculum Vitae: 

Ph. D. in "Earth Sciences" Genova University, Italy (1990).
Associate Professor since 2001 of S.S.D. GEO/09 at the DISTAV (UNIGE). Teaching experiences: Mineralogy, Ore mineralogy and ore geology, Earth resources, Applied and Environmental Mineralogy, Archaeometry. Research fields: Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of rock-forming minerals and REE minerals under low-grade metamorphic conditions, uncommon and new minerals. Mineral chemistry and genesis of ore minerals associated to mafic-ultramafics rocks mainly in Ligurian Ophiolites (braunite, chromite, PGE and sulfide deposits). Geosites and mineral parks, Archaeometry of lithic artifacts, dimension stones and ceramics. He is author/co-author of over 200 publications in national and international scientific journals and proceedings of national and international conferences.